As-Salāmu `Alaykum (السلام عليكم)

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As-Salamu `Alaykum , Join us to thank, worship and invoke the name of Allah. Be part of us and share in our success. Come with any prayer request and your prayers shall be answered. God is here, Insha-Allaah your prayers are already answered. SPECIAL PRAYERS, TANKARA(QURAN RECITATION),LECTURES FROM INVITED GUEST LECTURERS AND LOTS MORE. PLEASE DON'T MISS IT. MAY ALMIGHTY ALLAH BLESS YOU WITH HAPINESS AND GRACE YOUR HOME WITH WARMTH AND PEACE. . WE ARE AT ABBEY WOOD, SOUTH EAST LONDON.




As-salaam Alaykum Warahmatullaahi Wabarakaatuh,

Do not despair when you face a difficult situation in life. If you find yourself in a tough situation, do the following:

l. Ask yourself, what is the worst that can happen?

2. Prepare yourself to cope and deal with that worst-case scenario.

3. lf something bad does occur, meet it with calm nerves in order to deal with the situation better.

 Those [i.e. believers] unto whom the people [hypocrites] said: Verily, the people [pagans] have gathered against you [a great army], therefore, fear them. But it [only] increased them in Faith, and they said: 'Allah [Alone] is Sufficient for us, and He is the Best Disposer of affairs [for us].) (Quran 3: I 73)

Jumu’ah Mubaarakah!

Misbau AbdulHameed (Missioner)

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